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ROV Network's range of PCB's
ROV Network designs builds and markets a wide range of PCB's for control systems. Concentrating on Input/Output and driver boards, our designs take up where other boards leave off.
Meant for rugged environments when reliability is critical, our systems provide the optical isolation and protection your control system needs. Our designs are meant to work inside a vibrating one ton monster 5 kilometers underwater where operators will accidentally run into steel structures and where salt water will wreck havoc with connectors and cables. Our standard designs are based on PC104 and distributed systems, although they can also be implemented in other formats such as STD bus and VME bus if required. We also provide a service supplying replacement cards for systems no longer being manufactured. Most of these relate to underwater equipment however please contact us for details and prices for those hard to get bits whatever system is involved

ROV Network can also provide bespoke board designs, please contact us using the email address on the left of this page.
  Rugged design
  Low cost
  Easy implementation
  Full Manual supplied with drivers