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ROV Network Services
ROV Network is a control and software design house with years of experiance in the design and operation of underwater systems. With our links to all the major underwater engineering companies and our involvment with a huge range of projects, we can assist your company in the development of underwater tooling
Our services include:

Tender support
project Management
Offshore support
Client representation

These services complement our design and fabrication work for subsea equipment. ROV Network can provide answers to almost any technical problem using our proven control solutions.

Meant for rugged environments when reliability is critical, our systems provide the optical isolation and protection for all your electronics and sensors. Our designs are meant to work in the most unfriendly environment in the world, Deep underwater where a single failure can mean hours of downtime and Hundreds of thousands of pounds in costs. Our standard designs are based on PC104 and distributed systems, although they can also be implemented in almost any board or bus format. Whether you need a replacement control system for existing equipment or a new design for ROV,s Ploughs or...well any mechanical system for any task, We have the solution....

  Rugged design
  Low cost
  Easy implementation
  Full Manual supplied with drivers