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ROV Network is based in the centre of Aberdeen, Scotland. The company develops electronic and software systems for use primarily in underwater or harsh environment applications. Other clients have come from manufacturing and the IT industry.

Systems range from simple replacement parts for obsolete equipment through to massive control systems with multiple clients, servers and remote I/O systems.

Since opening, we have developed systems for clients in nearly all the major oil centers in the world. The company has been involved in a number of high profile projects For companies like Stolt, Sonsub, B&A Industries and the Chinese National Offshore Oil company. Details of many of these systems can be found in the Case studies section.

ROV Network was opened for business in 1998 By Chris Ward. Chris has been in the industry since 1979 and during that time has worked with nearly all the major ROV operators and underwater engineering companies.

Andy Fraser joined ROV Network in 2003 as a partner. Andy has worked in the underwater manufacturing industry since 1990 when he joined TWS (Electronics) Limited which became Merpro Control System in 1993. With the aquisition of Merpro Control Systems by Hydrovision, Andy became one of Hydrovision's senior engineers and laterly Electronics Group Leader. Before joining ROV Network, Andy spent 18 months working for a small Telematics design house developing next generation wireless tracking and information systems.

With the selling off of Hydrovision in 2003, we were very lucky to get another key employee Jacqui Young. Jacqui was Hydrovisions main board designer for the last ten years and had a hand in almost all the hardware that came out of the company. At the tail end of 2003, she joined ROV Network to head up the hardware department. Her experience and knowledge are critical to the future of the business with our expansion into new products.

When you call us, your first point of contact is our office manager Bryony McHugh who has been working with us since early 2005 and will help you find the information or people you need when you phone or fax us.  

Chris has also been involved with other projects including In 1997 with 4 colleagues, setting up Wintermute Internet company and opening Aberdeens first Internet cafe called Netropolis. During it's time, Wintermute was a pioneer in the Internet industry with many firsts such as internet console designs, Web publishing and narrow cast broadcasting. Netropolis rapidly expanded into a popular venue giving many people their first opportunity to access the Internet. The venue became host to live music which broadcast round the world via the internet and it's restaurant was famous for such delicacies as the Gigaburger (One byte too many) and the Bobbit banana split. (ouch) The menu became a cult item at one time. The cafe also was host to a wide range of training courses from Internet authoring through to computer design. Wintermute itself has now become Internet for Business Ltd (The host for this web site and many others) and is still the leading Internet company for the North East of Scotland. Even now the company is pushing the boundaries for service and technology in the heart of the European oil industry.

ROV network has developed many new technologies and designs for underwater sensors and electronics and is working on a several new product lines so watch this space....