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Software systems

ROV Network has been developing software for projects for many years now. Through our efforts we have come to some surprising conclusions regarding the right way to design for underwater projects. The core factors that must be taken into consideration are as follows


Each factor impacts the other and the end result is that there probably is no such thing as the "Right way" in software design. Each solution whether Windows, Dos or Realtime OS, Whether C++, Vbasic, Ladder or even Assembler meets most of the factors to some extent or another. The trick is to find the one that meets them best taking the secondary issues into account. These are simple things like what language and hardware are your engineers used to? What does the client require? is there a cost implication? hardware restrictions? legacy equipment? the list goes on.

In our case, the systems are simple, reliable and sustainable. our main products use a form of ladder programming known to thousands of programmers. It is a low level program so it's fast and compact. It can be easily understood by other programmers when it comes time to modify the system and we free issue all the code and support material to the client to ensure it's sustainability.
The cost is low, the programming time is very quick and the develoment tools are superb.

Every application is different. For embedded systems, Assembler or C++ may be the solution. For graphical user interfaces, we normally use dedicated display units or SCADA based PC software dependent on size and complexity but when required we also bring in Visual basic and Web based techniques.

The bottom line is there is no right and wrong just better and worse. With ROV Network, you get the best. Everytime.

Embedded systems
For the smallest systems we use assembler or C++ unless the chip set requires something else (as with PICs)

Medium to large systems
we will tend to use SoftPLC or C++ dependent on application

Intranet systems
These use web based technology. If control is the main function then a SCADA based solution is used for speed and reliability. If data access is the requirement then standard internet techniques are used based on Java and the appropriate database system, Oracle, Access etc with a Cold fusion interface.

Stand alone GUI
These are mostly for offshore systems. A small tooling module will use a simple Proface type touch screen. Larger systems are run from PC's and use Win2000 (still the most reliable of the MS OS's) and a SCADA package (Normally Iconics Genesis). This combination allows total scalability of systems.

Our systems are all compatable so upgrades and modification are easy and in many cases are carried out by our clients without needing our support.